stacks_image_4BCCBB53-3716-43FD-8EA8-0D55511914C5 is a subsidiary of its parent company Eclectrix, Inc. and are here now to inspire new techniques in Communication by creating Movie Portraits.

Whether it be to represent your:
  • Company profile;
  • A personal memory for keepsake/family tree;
  • A biography for an actor/director/professional;
  • A video resume/CV, to enhance your employment application, giving a personal touch for your new employer's viewing pleasure.
We hire directors who are experts in their field and are selected for each individual client. We also include coaching, script writers, makeup artists, stylist, and lighting for each shoot.

As film makers, and videographers, who have worked in the many venues of Corporate, National Commercials, Films, Performing Arts and Special Events we are committed to bringing you the essence that represents your true story.

For additional information on contact:
Angela Viscido, Producer/Videographer at (212) 569-9246 or (646) 342-7486