These DIGITAL MOVIE PORTRAITS make perfect gifts for ANY occasion.

  • 'AGENCY VIDEO' - We create 3-5 minute video portraits for Non-profit Organizations and Boutique Companies who want to implement video onto their websites to introduce themselves or their company in a friendly and professional manner.
  • 'VIDEO RESUME/CV' - Enhance your resume/CV with a video resume giving a personal touch with a brief account of your education, qualifications, and previous experience. We will create a professional 2-3 minute high quality video portrait, capturing your personality, accomplishments and employment desires for your new employer's viewing pleasure.
  • 'AN ACTORS REEL' - Hire us to compile the best clips onto a professional DVD. Create a Movie Portrait of you your strengths and aspirations as an artist.
  • Get a digital file of it so that you have the option to post online on your website.
  • Shoot your own Custom Promo Video.
  • Film/Edit a 2 min. Monologue, Song, or Special Skill.
  • Casting Reel for auditions anywhere in the world with same-day turnaround.
  • An Actors Reel of edited clips of your best work.
  • Promote your next project and interviews behind the scene.
  • 'POOCHIE THE MOVIE STAR' - Here's a chance to have your very own Movie Portrait of the unique, loving relationship between you and your pet.

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  • Sending your FIRST BORN to University? Why not capture this special moment for keepsake and family tree.
  • On MOTHER'S DAY, give her a gift that she will always remember, a Digital Movie Portrait.